Landmannalaugar & Mt. Hekla




Crossing a river in the highlands

The highlands of Landmannalaugar include some of Iceland’s most mind blowing landscape. One of the few places in Iceland where you will not be seeing much of black mountains. Instead you will see colorful rhyolite mountains and desert like valleys.  You will experience the green lowlands among the wonderful highlands, far away from the everyday hassle.

We start by driving up to Þjórsárdalur valley where our first stop is the small but wonderful Hjálparfoss waterfall.

From there we leave for the highlands where the untouched nature waits for us. We will be crossing rivers and driving on the mountain roads on our way to Landmannalaugar. This is a region filled with different geological elements. Extensive lava fields and the multi colored rhyolite mountains. The mountains cover the rainbow scale of colors, fading from pink, brown, green yellow and many more different colors. A truly spectacular vision to see and different from anything else you see in Iceland.

We will continue to drive up to the top of the old volcano crater Ljótipollur, formed around the 1400 and is now filled with a deep amazing cobalt-blue lake.

When we arrive at Landmannalaugar you will have the option to take a relaxing bath in the natural hot-spring so it is a great idea to take your swimming clothes and a towel and go for a short, or long dip in the amazing natural water.

Then when we are satisfied we will make our way back and if the weather and road conditions allow us we will take the route through Dómadalur valley.

We will stop at the famous Mt. Hekla volcano. In the middle ages it earned the nickname “Gateway to Hell”  because it was Iceland’s most active volcano and last erupted in the year 2000.

Landmannalaugar area is a truly amazing place to visit and during winter time the area is completely covered in snow, and in the evening the Northern lights dance above us  and gives you a totally different scenery than when you visit it during summertime.

This tour is based on weather, road conditions and snow but we do our best to make this tour a reality for you.


The highlands during wintertime

Minimum number of passengers for each scheduled tour is 3 persons (Or pay for 3 adults). If this minimum is not reached we will refund you or offer you tour with our partners if possible.

You can book a private tour with us if you are less than 3 people or want a private tour with your friends and loved ones.